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Oct 21, 2020 October 20, 2020 - Hour Two) In the 2nd hour, we will get the origin story of Robyn Lindars from Grill Girl. We know Robyn here on this show as a regular guest and I have known her as long as anyone else that is related to this show so it will be a great time to hear her talk about how she came up and how she eventually got into live-fire! BBQ Central Show Sponsors! The BBQ Guru Big Poppa Smokers Butchers BBQ Green Mountain Grills Cookin Pellets Fireboard Smithfield Southside Market & Barbecue - 10% off with code "bbqcentral" The Pit Barrel Cooker Pitts & Spitts The Butcher Shoppe - Save 10% When You Mention "The BBQ Central Show" Smoke Sheet Newsletter - Sign Up Here

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