Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend


Oct 14, 2020 Alison makes a mistake at the top of the show which is nothing compared to the one she made while reading a bedtime story to Elliot. Jackie Johnson has some theories and Dustin Goot is here to commiserate. Also, Jackie is fond of a certain filter that's ruining society, house hunting, leafblowers versus podcasters, accents, Tony's torrential typing, a round of Yes Please or Oh Puhleeze and more! Check us out on Patreon:   Buy Alison's Book: Tropical Attire Encouraged (and Other Phrases That Scare Me) This show is brought to you by BROOKLINEN: (Get 10% off AND free shipping when you use promo code BESTFRIEND) BOMBAS: (for 20% off your first purchase) and SIMPLY EARTH: You probably need to buy the HGFY ringtone! Try Amazon Prime Free 30 Day Trial  

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