Note to Self


Jul 11, 2017 Do your parents post pictures of you? Or did they when you were younger? Do you post pictures of your kid? We want to better understand how families are sharing information online. So we made two surveys - one for parents and guardians, and one for teens and young adults - to help us think about this, together.  Spare 3 minutes to take them now. This one if you're a teen, and this if you're answering as a parent. Then spare another 30 seconds to share our surveys with your network. Your (aggregated) answers will be part of an upcoming episode, and our on-going inquiry into these digital lives we're living.   Here's why we're interested: a 2010 study discovered that 92% of children in the U.S. have a social media presence by their second birthday. A third are online even before they're born - in sonogram photos on their parents' social feeds. Growing up has never been so public or so digital. And that's our bread and butter. Maybe it's yours, too?

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