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Jun 11, 2018 Dave recommends buying ten times your income in term life insurance. But what if a tragic diagnosis prevents you from being eligible? In this episode, Dave gives practical advice to a cancer survivor who wants to protect his family with life insurance.  A family from Los Angeles, California visits the studio to share their debt-free journey: "Big hairy debt payments are the only way to knock out big hairy debts!" Dave gives personal insight to a young couple in walking through Chapter 13 bankruptcy: "Sharon and I went through the same kind of stuff you guys are going through, but with zeros on the end of our stupidity.... So I know how it feels to be scared and wish I hadn't done that."     Protect Your Family With Term Life: Zander Term Life Insurance:     Also Mentioned in This Episode: The Graduate Survival Guide: Financial Peace University: Retire Inspired: The Legacy Journey:

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