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Oct 7, 2019 Congress could use fewer showhorses, and more workhorses. That's according to Sean Q Kelly. He's a political science professor at California State University and the co-editor of a recent book on House Minority Leader Bob Michel, Robert H. Michel : Leading the Republican House Minority . He said the Peoria Republican listened and was willing to do the hard, unglamorous work to get legislation passed. "That was really what made him stand out. And I think our politics today really focuses on the showhorses. Who's on TV, who's getting the attention? When you do need these workhorses to actually get things done," said Kelly. Frank Mackaman, the historian for the Dirksen Congressional Center and the co-editor of the book, said Michel was effective not just because of hard work and policy expertise, but also personal relationships with other members of the generation that went through the Depression and World War II. But as time wore on and younger members rose through the ranks, things

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