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Aug 5, 2020 A little bit of a song about Charleston Shoe Thieves player Workman Gloom, their dog and teammate (and Shoe Thieves pitcher) Beasley Gloom, and the life that is stealing shoes and playing blaseball. Lyrics: tumble outta bed and stumble to the closet sleepwalk stole some shoes to deposit pick some kicks and start to shuck and jive pour out a bowl of kibble for Beasley lace their uniform up real easily take the field and hope that they survive workman 9 to 5 blaseball like you've never seen it hits a nice line drive runs the bases, eats a peanut when the sun won't shine Gloom will be the light to lead us It's enough if we can rip off some ADIDAS workman 9 to 5 the commiss'ners doin' a great job Charleston will contrive to pull off a massive shoe rob...

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