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Nov 6, 2018 (November 6, 2018 - Hour 1) Welcome to a November! As 2018 rapidly comes to a close, we get our last visits into the BBQ Doctor's office before the co-pays reset. Ray Lampe, BBQ Hall of Fame'er, joins me for his monthly segment. Tonight, we get the (almost) 4 week review of the new restaurant. What's working, what's not, what's hot and what needs tweaked...Ray will join me to go over those items as well as talk about some Thanksgiving items. The 2018 installment of the WFC begins today (Wednesday) and runs through the 11th.  I planned to have the creator of  the WFC on to hype it up...but...he stiffed.  BAD KARMA!!  The good news is, that gave me plenty of time to talk about the school in Texas that is starting their own Varsity competition BBQ team...Yea, no kidding! For quick access to all show merch and important links, you can use this Linktree site! PLEASE SUPPORT THE SHOW SPONSORS The BBQ Guru Big Poppa Smokers Butchers BBQ Green Mountain Grills Cookshack Cookin Pellets FireBoard Smithfield Traeger Grills Southside Market & Barbeque National Barbecue News Crawford's BBQ Pit Sprits

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