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Jun 16, 2017 The Town of Normal Council is expected to sign off on an option for pedestrians and people on bikes to traverse railroad tracks bisecting Uptown. The council, staff, and residents have been discussing an underpass option since before council members approved the Uptown 2.o plan in Nov. 2015. Consultants WSP Parsons Brinckerhoff recommended a robust underpass connection between Uptown and what some call Uptown South. The cost is estimated at around $13 million. In our series of Sound Ideas interviews with newly elected municipal officials, Town Council member Chemberly Cummings said new information could change her mind, but she's been an underpass supporter for a while. "One thing I stated when I was on the campaign trial, that I lean more toward the underpass," said Cummings. Cummings was elected April 4. She said the underpass could be more cost effective in the long run. She used the anaology of buying a higher quality car over a cheaper model. The better model will cost more

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