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Oct 23, 2020 Episode 147 What’s On Tap: Taking you back to October 28, 2014…Since there was no "Jack" contest this year we go back to 2014 and hear Darren Warth talk about their win that year. Widely considered to be one of the best that has ever done it, it's always great to get his perspective on the big wins! Also, let me remind you, if there is a segment or a guest that you have a special feeling towards, email Jon a request and he will do his best to meet your expectation!  MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE PODCAST!! Don’t forget to RATE AND REVIEW THE SHOW ON YOU PODCAST APP!!! Want to hear more from this episode??? Click the link below to hear the full show Original Air Date: 10/28/2014  Original Full Show Link:  CLICK HERE This episode is brought to you by The butcher Shoppe…Home of the NEVER crossbred 100% Australian Wylarah 9+ Wagyu brisket, wagyu beef (American and Japanese), dry aged steaks, wild game and MUCH more!!  Call to order today: (850) 458-8782 and ask for Kevin or Jordan!  Mention The BBQ Central Show for 10% off your entire order!!

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