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May 17, 2019 This week, Marty Lurie, Carmen Kiew, and Ally Williams This week, the crew is joined by Kerry Crowley and goes over Derek Holland’s ‘fake injury’ remarks, Madison Bumgarner’s no-trade list, and whether the San Jose Sharks’ and Golden State Warriors’ current playoff runs are putting less pressure on the Giants’ success.  The crew also discusses the Chicago Cubs’ treatment of Addison Russell’s return and their interactions with the media, Albert Pujols’ milestone home run ball, and what they would do if they caught such a big milestone souvenir. Be sure to listen for this week’s secret word and tweet it to @midinningrelief for your chance to win a $50 Baseballism Gift Card! Follow the Mid-Inning Relief crew on Twitter! Show Handle: @midinningrelief Marty Lurie: @baseballmarty Carmen Kiew: @carmenkiew Ally Williams: @allykwilliams

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