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Apr 15, 2019 Hollywood Screenwriters Fire Their Agents Amid Labor Dispute Hollywood screenwriters are starting to fire their talent agents en masse after negotiations between the Writers Guild and the big talent agencies broke down Friday night. This dispute is over long-standing industry practices, like what’s called packaging fees, that the writers say benefit agents at their expense. Reporter: Evan George What's New This Tax Day It is tax day today and people seem startled by the numbers they're seeing. Shadow Workforce? Contract White-Collar Workers in Tech This first story in our series about contract white-collar workers is from a worker at Google, where over half the workers are reportedly contractors. She’s in her thirties and works on language processing. She used to be an adjunct professor at an ivy league university. As an adjunct, she had little pay, no job security, and a promise of tenure that for most, never comes. So she left for tech. And found the same thing. Reporter: Sam Harnett

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