Antenna Radio Network

For podcasters and other broadcasters, Antenna is a distribution network built for delivering personalized streamed audio content to radio fans who are migrating online. Antenna is built on the idea that targeted content is the future of talk radio.

Antenna Radio is working with leading podcasters, terrestrial broadcasters, and other audio content producers to understand their creative and business goals. Respecting these needs will help create a sustainable future for radio, where those who create terrific listening experiences can thrive. In that spirit, the Antenna Radio mobile application:

  1. Delivers high quality segments in a radio-like listening experience.
  2. Sources content from publicly-available feeds, on behalf of listeners.
  3. Targets content to listeners based on geographic market and personal interests.
  4. Plays each segment directly from each producer's server, preserving play counts. Antenna Radio does not republish or downsample.
  5. Plays each segment in its entirety, as produced and with original advertising. Antenna Radio does not edit.
  6. Does not insert additional advertising in between segments.

If you are a radio station producer, podcaster, or other creator of high-quality streamable audio content, and would like to broadcast your segments on the Antenna Radio network, please get in touch to learn more.