Personalized news and talk radio for your commute, workout and on-the-go.

About Antenna

Antenna is the modern way to listen to current events, news, and talk radio. Throughout each day, Antenna curates over 1,000 of the best radio shows, podcasts, and other sources and pulls them together into a personalized radio program, just for you.

Tune in with Antenna Radio to get your quick news fix, and stay connected with your world. Support your favorite shows and podcasts by listening each day and sharing what you like.

Antenna Radio for iPhone

Get your favorite shows on demand during your commute, workout, or around town. Install the free Antenna Radio app on your iPhone and start listening instantly. As you listen, tap the thumbs-up and thumbs-down buttons to let Antenna know what you like and don't like. Antenna will adjust in real-time and bring you more to discover and enjoy.

Get the new Antenna Radio app for iPhone, available now for free on the App Store.

Get the new Antenna Radio app for iPhone, available now for free on the App Store.


Antenna Radio is designed and built at The Giant Pixel Corporation, a startup studio in San Francisco.

Elliot Loh

CEO, Product Lead
Elliot thought up Antenna while commuting up and down the Bay Area and wondering why there wasn't any tech news on the radio. Elliot grew up listening to KIIS FM and Dr. Demento in Los Angeles, Live 105 in the Bay Area, and Garrison Keilor's Prairie Home Companion on tape. Recent influences include KCRW, This American Life, 99% Invisible, The Talk Show, and The Adam Carolla Show. A partner at Giant Pixel, Elliot was the first designer of Yammer, Geni, Tribe, and other innovative products.

Kattya Breitenbach

Kattya curates the 1,000+ channels that make up the Antenna Network. Kattya has installed a wireless speaker system in the shower so she can hear Anderson Cooper, Ellen, and The Week in stereo as she gets ready for the day. You may also hear Kattya as the voice of Antenna, featuring recommended stories and reporting on live events.

Philip Chan

Philip builds all the technology behind Antenna's "rhythm of radio" listening experience. Philip uses Antenna to listen to the Wall Street Journal Tech News Briefing, NPR Story of the Day, Comedy Central, and Dr. Oz when he gets ready for work each morning, and also when running. Philip is also a fan of motorsports, and is working on bringing Antenna to cars everywhere.

Antenna Radio Network

For podcasters and other broadcasters, Antenna is a distribution network built for delivering personalized streamed audio content to radio fans who are migrating online. Antenna is built on the idea that targeted content is the future of talk radio.

Antenna Radio is working with leading podcasters, terrestrial broadcasters, and other audio content producers to understand their creative and business goals. Respecting these needs will help create a sustainable future for radio, where those who create terrific listening experiences can thrive. In that spirit, the Antenna Radio mobile application:

  1. Delivers high quality segments in a radio-like listening experience.
  2. Sources content from publicly-available feeds, on behalf of listeners.
  3. Targets content to listeners based on geographic market and personal interests.
  4. Plays each segment directly from each producer's server, preserving play counts. Antenna Radio does not republish or downsample.
  5. Plays each segment in its entirety, as produced and with original advertising. Antenna Radio does not edit.
  6. Does not insert additional advertising in between segments.

If you are a radio station producer, podcaster, or other creator of high-quality streamable audio content, and would like to broadcast your segments on the Antenna Radio network, please get in touch to learn more.

For The Press

Antenna Radio is reinventing radio to meet the millions of listeners who are moving online. Contact us to learn more about the mission of Antenna Radio.

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09/04/2014 Antenna Radio Redesigned to Transcend Talk Radio For Personalized, Mobile Streaming Everywhere

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